Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We are proud to be PINOYS!

In this photo: DJ ChrisMyk of AV8 Records, DJ Serafin of Crooklyn Clan, and DJ X-Factor of Crack4DJs  (from left to right).

Not many are aware, there are many talented Filipinos who are not just DJs but are Remixers and Producers as well. They are DJs who makes their own remixes to play in the club and makes them available for other DJs to purchase online.

This was a fun night... as we gather and not DJ. Be one with the crowd and have fun. Oooops... topic for the night... remixing... hahaha....

What does Serafin use for Remixing? ABLETON... and you can learn it through youtube, he said.

If you want to purchase or simply listen to their remixes including mine, visit:

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