Monday, October 19, 2009

SMASH Mix Sessions 8

I have been very busy for the past few months... but here is a start of what I'll do weekly.
I shall be posting more non-stop remixes for you to play when your driving, chilling, having a house party... or whatsoever... LOL :P

Feel free to comment if you like what you get...

1. Sex Is On Fire
2. Spotlight Is Gone
3. Love You Down
4. Meet Me Half Way
5. Party Time
6. I Gotta Feeling
7. Insomia
8. Sweet Dreams
9. Evacuate the Dance Floor
10. La La La
11. Hit Me with Your Best Shots
12. Shots Through The Heart
13. Paparazzi
14. Ever After
15. Happy
16. Hotel Room to Temperature
17. Fire Burning
18. Patron Tquila
20. buy You A Round Of Patron
21. Birthday Sex
22. Like I Love Story


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